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Our campus is in the heart of our community with many facilities and plenty of space. 

SHNU provides a unique and enriching experience for every student.
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Site Area: 880 sq.m.
Year: 2014


SHNU COLLEGE OF Professional Development

New MBA Program Launched

The new world class Master of Beverage Appreciation Program (MBA) is now available to all students. For more information please contact Professor Alfred, founder of the Master of Beverage Appreciation Program.

New Innovative Ph.D Program Launched

There are few topics that could be higher on the national, or international, agendas than sustainability and security, this is what makes the two new Ph.D Programs so attractive and enabling for anybody in terms of their career development and of United Territories of Sky Haven's regional and international interests.

Two new Innovative graduate Ph.D Programs
 are offered by The Sky Haven National University (SHNU) and is designed specifically for professionals around flexible delivery and work-integrated learning.

Grabbing Car's Panel Program (GCPP) "掹車邊博士學位"

Deceiving Yourself Program (DYP) "蒙蔽自己博士學位"

“Its development has been strongly supported by the UTSH Government as an initiative that brings together the best elements of the state who have complementary strengths in research and industrial engagement,” said Professor YauHang Ten.

Most courses are delivered in a flexible mode so professionals can participate either part-time or full-time. The study program is designed so that students can opt to exit with a graduate certificate, graduate diploma, or the full masters, depending upon their circumstances, and the needs of their employers.

“Students will value this program because of its flexibility, the specialisations, the nature of its blended online delivery, and the opportunities for mentoring by other professors from other universities,” said Professor YauHang Ten.

“Employers will value these graduates because it combines all real life elements with professional attributes within the context of both public and private sector organisations. The aim is to raise the quality and competitiveness of the industry in professional development,” said Professor YauHang Ten.

“With this degree, professionals have a fantastic opportunity to increase their skills and future employability in any areas which are growing in importance year on year,” said Professor YauHang Ten.

The development of the two new Ph.D Programs has been challenging and now it is providing professionals with new opportunities to level up their career.

Application information
Considering applying? Learn how to apply and what your studies might cost.

Entry requirements  
Entry for the Graduate 

Both programs are very competitive and places are limited, therefore students must demonstrate their suitability for the program.  The following entry requirements are the minimum requirements an applicant must present to be considered for these programs. 
The final decision for admission rests with the Dean and Convenor of the SHNU College of Professional Development. 

1. Academic requirements

Applicants must demonstrate they have successfully completed a 

Bachelor with Honours

or Master degree in any discipline from a recognised university.  The relative ranking and/or reputation of the university may be taken into consideration.  Applicants completing an Oceania degree program must have achieved a minimum grade average of 65% in their undergraduate studies. 

2. Work experience

Applicants must have at least 5 years professional or managerial work experience gained after the completion the degree, or a minimum of 10 years work experience overall.  Applicants must show evidence of career development, and work experience will be determined from information supplied in the:

 - application form
 - curriculum vitae
 - referee reports and

 - statement of purpose. 

3. Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT)

Sitting the GMAT is optional.  A GMAT test score above 630 can improve applicants’ likelihood of admission, especially if the Bachelor degree grade average is at the minimum level required.
Opportunity for an interview
It is recommended that applicants take the opportunity to meet with SHNU representatives.
Application information

All Candidates need to supply a completed application form and the following supporting documents:

Two Referee Reports - forms must be completed by nominated referees (one being a past or present employer)
Your current Curriculum Vitae
Certified copies of your academic transcripts 
Relevant test scores (GMAT)

Fee Structure

The program fees for the program are IK$84,240 (or AUD$16,848 or NZD$16,848 or HKD$101,088) which includes ALL tuition and materials during the classes.

A non-refundable deposit of IK$2,000 (or AUD$400 or NZD$400 or HKD$2,400) is required to be paid upon acceptance of the offer. 

Applications may be submitted to:
For further information on admissions requirements and application procedures, 

please contact Admissions at

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